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Interior Design Consultations

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Interior design can completely alter your space, and make it reflect who you are and your values. They say home is where the heart is, and, as of late, it’s also where the work is and where the schooling is and where the family is and where many of us now spend more and more hours of each and every day. So, maybe it’s also time to reconsider your home’s interior design, and how it could better integrate and harmonize with our contemporary home-centric lifestyles. Interior designers can offer professional guidance in defining your personal style as it pertains to your home’s aesthetic, and help you then use that style to reimagine, refresh, and reinvigorate the interior spaces of your home to better suit your lifestyle needs and personal taste.

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Interior Design

Shelly’s Interior Concepts is proud to offer its clientele a full range of interior design services for large or small projects around your home or commercial property. Their team of friendly and professional interior designers can help with:

  • Interior design consultations
  • Room design
  • Color consultations
  • Custom window treatments (design, measure, and install)
  • Automated and Motorized Window Treatment
  • Hunter Douglas Window Treatments
  • Commercial blinds and shades
  • Countertops (quarts and granite)
  • Custom bedding
  • Flooring
  • Paint consultations
  • Wallpaper consultations
  • Lighting design
  • Upholstery
  • Furniture purchase and/or placement
  • Accent, Art, and Accessory placement

The team of interior design experts at Shelly’s Interior Concepts excel in offering personal care and service for their clients. Let them help you find the perfect style for your room and design for your home. Contact them today to see how interior design can improve the visual appeal of your home, the comfort you feel spending time in it, and the functionality of every rooms’ design.

Interior design and style consultations with Shelly’s Interior Concepts near Saint Michael, Minnesota (MN)

Color Consultations

Color sets the mood for a room, and so color selection is an incredibly important part of the interior design process. What mood do you want to set? What color conveys that mood? How would that color work in different design aesthetics? A color consultation with an interior designer from Shelly’s Interior Concepts can help you work through these questions to discover the best way to use color in your home. Afterall, color doesn’t stop with hue selection. Successful interior design also needs to consider color saturation (how bold or subtle the color will be), overall color palette (which could range from an all-encompassing monochromatic palette to a simple and subtle accent color scheme); and visual context as colors don’t exist alone in the space (they can be affected by other design elements and the lighting in a room). Request a color consultation today to discuss the power of color for your home’s interior design.

Quartz and Granite Countertops

Nothing produces a change in the feel of a room like the kitchen more than updated countertops. So, if you’re sick of looking at old, tired countertops consider upgrading to new quartz or granite countertops. Granite countertops are durable resisting chipping, scratching, staining, moisture, and heat related damage. The stone treatment also adds value to your kitchen with its one-of-a-kind pattern and style. On the other hand, quartz is another premium material for new countertops because it is nearly indestructible, low maintenance, and comes in a wide array of colors. Request a kitchen consultation to discuss new granite countertops or quartz countertops for your home to improve the visual appeal and staying power of your kitchen countertops.

Custom Window Treatments

When considering the overall design of most rooms there are several large elements that should be at the base of interior design as their influence in the space is both dominant and rooting. Those elements include floors, walls, and window treatments. Window treatments can be fashioned in different ways to either act as a neutral backdrop used to root the space’s interior design aesthetic, or they can be styled to be a design focal point (in such a case their dominate presence in the space is used to draw the eye and root focus on certain areas). The interior design experts at Shelly's Interior Concepts can help you conceptualize and design the perfect window treatments for a room or a whole house, whether you’re looking for a neural background or a bold focal point. Shelly's Interior Concepts carries a wide assortment of top-of-the-line draperies, shutters, motorized blinds, Roman shades, roller shades, sheer shades, and the latest Hunter Douglas product lines. Request a consultation today to start the process of upgrading your home’s window treatments to reinvigorate and enliven your homes interior design.

Paint Consultations

Paint consultations with a professional interior designer are crucial for a successful interior design because walls (and thus the paint on them) take up such a dominant visual space in every room that their influence is undeniable. Painted walls are a great base to layer interior design upon, and so starting with a strong and stylistically in-tune paint job is key for a dazzling interior space. And, paint isn’t just important inside your home, it’s also an important part of your home’s exterior aesthetic and affects the curb appeal and thus value of your home. So, request a paint consultation today and let an expert show you how the right interior or exterior paint job can change everything.

Room Design

When creating a design for a room (whether that’s a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, or an entire floor) the sheer number of options can be overwhelming because good interior design considers every aspect of the space from floor to ceiling and wall to wall to wall to wall. Room design can include but is not limited to colour palette selection, wall and window treatment design, flooring recommendations, light scheme mapping, furniture arrangement, art and accent placement, and guidance on unifying rooms with one another under a house-wide interior design plan. Utilizing the design eye of a professional interior designer may help you focus your vision for a room to create a cohesive yet customized interior design aesthetic. Professional interior designers can use their expertise to take the tediousness out of design decisions and free you up to focus on the more enjoyable parts of remodeling or designing a new space. Request a room design consultation with an interior design expert at Shelly’s Interior Concepts today and start the process towards new, more beautiful room designs.

Shelly’s Interior Concepts offers a full range of interior design services from their friendly and professional team of interior designers. Request a consultation today to see how interior design can improve the mood, visual appeal, and functionality of your home. Shelly’s Interior Concepts is located near Saint Michael, Minnesota, and serves the Twin Cities, Maple Grove, Plymouth, Otsego, and Corcoran, MN.

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